Sonic X-Treme pin shows up on eBay, I continue going broke


Who needs the outdoors when you really can get everything you need on Ebay now? Well, if all you need is Sega swag that is. Ebay seller Retro Mushroom has put an extremely obscure promo item up for bid. What’s so obscure about it is the fact that it’s a promo item for the flagship Sonic game the Sega Saturn never received: Sonic X-treme. As a big Sega Saturn fan, it pains me that I have to pay rent and bills rather than own this little piece of history currently going for GBP 28.99 ($43.89). What’s even more amazing is the selection that Retro Mushroom has amongst his/her? Ebay store including such things as a 32X pin, a Sega World coin, and even a NiGHTS pre-order figure. Just take my money now!

[Source: Game Sniped]

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  1. disqus_GO5esHIfe4 June 3, 2013 @ 1:54 PM

    Have you bought this pin yet? Because I’m happy to sell you one for $25, if you want.

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