Sega releases Company of Heroes 2 E3 demo to public


With E3 recently over it’s time to soak up the latest previews and industry buzz surrounding the most popular games. Usually this comes in the form of written previews but Sega has decided to give the gamers a slice of the action by releasing the Company of Heroes 2 E3 demo to all members of the games open beta, which you can join on its Steam page.

Considering that we’re so close to the games release you can bet that this will be an accurate demonstration of what the game has to offer. However don’t get too excited as this exclusive demo will only be available for a few more days (until the 18th), as will the beta. A taste of war awaits and if it really hooks you then you only have until the 25th of this very month to experience the full game in all its strategic glory. Who knew war could be so fun?