The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 67 – Let Them Play Vitas


You know what the problem with most podcasts are? They have a distinct lack of references to 17th century French queens. Well good thing The Sega Addicts Kids Table is (finally) back to put a stop to all that with a new episode in which the usual gang get back into the swing of things by accusing each other of being the 1%… and occasionally bringing it back to videogames.

Otherwise the rest of the episode is dedicated to what we were playing throughout our impromptu break, Sonic Lost World, and discussions on the games Sega decided to show at E3. So what are you waiting for? Stop being a peasant and join the aristocracy that is this privileged show!

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  1. Thou shall not steal!
    You’re a verry good neighbourm!
    Gawd stevie, you are so rich!!

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