Sega claiming nearly $1 million from THQ over Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders


As Sega look to make back some of the whopping $26.6 million they spent in acquiring Relic Entertainment from the THQ auction, they are now claiming a significant $941,710.93 from the bankrupt publisher over pre-orders made for the new PC release, Company of Heroes 2, through the digital distribution store, Steam.

The filing in the THQ Claims Registry sees Sega looking to claim $508,877.85 as priority, the value of pre-orders made since THQ initially filed for bankruptcy. The purchase of Relic Entertainment was a move by Sega to further strengthen their PC portfolio, joining long-time Sega developers Creative Assembly, with this claim following news that Sega are looking to release their big PC franchises on next-gen platforms.

Hopefully Sega can make this money back without much of a hickup and invest it in some of their upcoming PC releases, like Total War: Arena.

[Source: Gamespot]