Sega teasing Typing of the Dead re-release for October 29th?

SEGA ADDICTS Guts will be

Sega posted a very interesting picture on Facebook and Twitter that might be a teaser for The Typing of the Dead HD re-release.

“Guts will be _________” sounds like an obvious reference to The Typing of the Dead, but there is one tiny problem, though. The announcement is going to happen on October 29th – on the same date as Genesis’ 25th anniversary. Coincidence? I think not! But maybe I’m just playing too much Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies lately. Either way, stay tuned for more news on October 29th.

[Source: SegaBits]

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  1. If they release the dam JSRF HD. It will be necessary for the fans leave SEGA Alone at onces. Why? Why? Why?
    They are waiting for the Smilebit workers to be dead?
    Please don´t waste my life SEGA, and BEAT that game on STEAM Right now!
    PS: Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia Fans, are very upset about only care about SONIC Games.

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