Sega Releasing Plants vs Zombies Arcade

Popular small titles being ported to arcade ticket machines is a lot of fun to see how they turn out, and the latest to be ported is Plants vs Zombies. As seen in the promo video above; however, this is hardly a straight port and is a whole new beast altogether. Sharing elements of turret shooter with the aesthetics of Plants vs Zombies is bound to be a good time! It’s kinda like a family friendly House of the Dead, giving you a brand new opportunity to suffer like tree did.

[Source: Arcade Heroes]

  • Failtuna

    uuuuuuuugh I read the whole thing, clicked off the page and was sitting for a few seconds before I got the “Suffer like tree did” bit.

    • Thomas Avantas

      It’s almost more depressing that I spent some actually time trying to come up with that line.

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