May 2010


Review: Aliens vs. Predator

About a month ago, I played Rebellion’s original Alien vs. Predator game for the first time and was shocked at how poorly the game had aged. I found myself spending way too much time in each level just trying to figure out where to go and I eventually gave up…


Introducing the Dreamcast boombox!

Have you ever wished you could play your Dreamcast through an tiny screen embedded in a cheap boombox? Well, today is your special day, my friend! Some modders over at a French mod site called xckdiy have created a Dreamcast/boombox combo. I’m sure Shenmue would look just gorgeous on that…


The Genesis contest wrap-up!

The Sega Genesis contest is over. Thank you to everyone who entered as there were a lot of amazing entries. It was hard to pick just one winner. The winning cover art is the piece you see above by RoxasEmoQueen, and was picked mainly for it’s creative “Altered Beast for…