Yakuza 3 sales keep the hope alive

An assistant community manager for Sega has recently revealed that the initial sales of Yakuza 3 in the West have been good so far. She mentioned in a recent forum post:

As was mentioned a couple times above, SEGA doesn’t generally release any specific numbers in terms of game sales. (Even in Valkyria’s case, after a huge surge, we listed percentages.)

So, while I’m not able to give you any numbers, I can at least still confirm that the initial sales were really positive, and that all of the fans who jumped in to support the franchise in the west did a great job.

Hopefully, this means that Sega will put a little more faith in the Yakuza series in the West. The games have always been great and with more marketing they could be huge sellers. I just hope it doesn’t take another year before we know if Sega is localizing Yakuza 4.

[Source: 1up]

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  1. Oh I hope they bring Yakuza 4 over here and not take 2 years to do so. AND QUIT CUTTING OUT PARTS OF THE GAME SEGA!

  2. [img]http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd32/DannyTheKing_Photos/1274259797619.jpg[/img]

    So glad to see the fans put their money where their mouth was, I bought this day one, and I hope I can do the same with Yakuza 4.

    Seriously, Yakuza 4 at E3, calling it!

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