Awesome Sonic figure is something you’ll want.

So for any of you who haven’t heard of First 4 Figures basically, it’s an awesome website with custom videogame based figures, among other types. Either way it turns out that these chaps have heard of the extremely obscure Sega character Sonic! I know, right? And here I was thinking that I was the only person in history to ever play his games. But I’ll stop rambling now because the reason why I brought this up is because they currently have a super sonic figure that you can buy.

The figure itself is pretty pricey but I mean, look at that thing. It surely is a sight to behold. The figure is 15 inches so it can also take up a fair amount of desk space, as long as it isn’t already taken up by the other unworthy merchandise parading around on your desk. So yeah, if you have a hole in your heart, that can only be filled with statues of Sonic the hedgehog maxing out his power level, then this is the best day of your life. Celebrate accordingly.

[Source: UK Resistance]

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  1. Cee-rist! 15 inches? I want.

    Anyone seen those new action figures they made? They’d be super cool if not for the hideous articulation points all over it. Spindly noodle arms don’t work for articulated joints.

    It’d be so cool if he just had rubber bendy arms

  2. Oh yeah, those articulated ones were absolutely terrible. They looked kind of demonic, actually.

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