Top 10 Worst Sonic Characters

Everything is rubbish. That’s right absolutely everything in the universe is rubbish and horrible. Well apart from negative top 10 list’s about Sega related subjects. So that’s why I’m here. To provide you with the absolute worst of everything Sega has had contact with. But where do you start, is the ultimate question? Well if you’re one of those weird people who likes to read the headlines before the actual article then you’re in for a treat! Because right here, right now I am going to count down the cream of the crop of absolutely representable sonic characters.

Actually ‘cream of the crop’ isn’t really the right phrase as the cream is probably spoilt by now, and has bits of sick in it. Anyway to give myself some boundaries for this list I decided that you must be able to play as the character at some point. So here we go on a Sega related adventure through terrible characters and even worse design. So let’s dive in with what I (and everyone else with good brain boxes) call, ‘THE TOP 10 WORST SONIC CHARACTERS!’

NUMBER 10: Charmy Bee

Now this one is just lazy. I mean you really know that Sega has hit a new low when they’ve started scraping the insect barrel for their anthropomorphic animal characters. I mean this thing is just annoying. They used a bee. A fucking bee for their game. Bee’s are horrible disgusting creatures that would rather drown their own siblings in a pool of sweat and intestines then give them a sip of tasty, life saving honey.

But now I’m just using this as an excuse to shout at bee’s through the internet so I’ll stop with that now. Basically Charmey is horrible because he’s a useless character and was only made for ‘Knuckles Chaotix’ so that Knuckles could have his own verity of annoying twat’s to chase him around and bother him into eternity.  And that’s why Charmy deserves the number 10 spot.

NUMBER 9: Blaze the cat

What can I say about Blaze the cat? Well I can’t really say much about Blaze the cat, actually. She’s just unnecessary (another word you’ll be reading a lot in this article). To be fair I only put her on this list because she’s just a dull attempt at adding story to a Sonic game that doesn’t need it. Really, did we need another mysterious rival in a 2D Sonic game? Well obviously we did not. She doesn’t even look a tiny bit like a cat. How pathetic. This is all I can really say about her since she’s just dull, but still unnecessary enough to hold a firm place at number 9 in this gut wrenching list.

NUMBER 8: The Werehog

Now this is technically cheating because really he’s just another personification of Sonic. Hell, he isn’t even a character but more of a device to bring awkward gameplay elements to mix in with the actual good gameplay. But that’s exactly why. Because he was only used to bring more unnecessary gameplay to the franchise. This isn’t so bad however because Sega seems to have gotten the message that people play Sonic games to play as Sonic so I doubt we’ll be seeing more werehog type things in the future.

Also the term ‘werehog’ is just really dumb. I know pointing that out now is like pointing out that we invaded Iraq for a horrible and unjust reason (TOPICAL JOKES! I’LL BE HERE ALL WEEK, GUYS!). But yeah ‘Werehog’ doesn’t really make sense. So as a character the Werehog is a blank, but as an excuse to add more bullshit mechanics to the Sonic franchise, the Werehog is a perfect example. Which is more than reason enough to put him on this list. But it just looks like I’m trying to justify putting him on this list for myself now so i’ll stop going on about him. Werehog sucks, let’s see who’s up next.

NUMBER 7: Rouge the bat

Ok now we’re getting into it. To be honest since I limited myself to only characters you can play as, the first 3 characters on this list could be anyone. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of absolutely horrible Sonic characters to pick, but they were the worst. But from now on this is purely about the character itself. And Rouge the Bat is the perfect example of a terrible fucking character.

For ‘Sonic adventure 2’ she basically fills the sass quota. She jumps and jives her way through the game whilst dispensing sass and what can only be called innuendo on the way. Her story is awful, her voice is disgustingly sexual and someone decided to give her boobs.  What disgusting person at Sega actually decided that a cuddly-sort-of-cat-but-is-actually-a-bat-type-creature, needed sexual organs? I don’t know, but I do know that this (or those) increased the disgusting amount of Sonic fan art. So she’s annoying, irritating, completely almost irrelevant to the game (except that they needed someone with Knuckles type gameplay to balance out the two sides) and indecently sexual. In fact she would be the number 1 worst character if it wasn’t for 6 more worse side kicks in the Sonic franchise (obviously). Oh, boy.

NUMBER 6: Silver the hedgehog

Imagine if you will, an alternative universe. Imagine a universe so horrible and indecent, that even our universe can’t even rival any of the horrors their world has to offer. Now imagine that in this parallel universe that James Cameron is a furry. Oh god. This is basically the premise of Silver. Or that premise as well as giving Sonic another arch nemesis because so far he only has 3000 hedgehog foes that look very similar to him, and want to kill him at the same time. If you get what I’m grasping at.

Basically I’m saying that Silver the hedgehog is a furry version of ‘the terminator’. Which is true because he totally is (I said it therefore I’m right). Except with psychic powers. Cause kids dig psychic powers apparently. So Silver is in the dreadful ‘Sonic the hedgehog 2006’ for nothing more then another rival to fight. Fine. Just don’t make us play as him. Except you do get to play as him! And guess what? His gameplay is awful. It controls bad and just isn’t fun. There is no redeeming quality to Silver, except that he manages to be less annoying than the other characters below on this list. He’s also a whiny and somehow manages to make being a super hero from the future extremely dull. He’s always “iblis trigger” this and “end of the world” that. Seriously, I can’t stand Silver.

NUMBER 5: Amy Rose

QUICK QUESTION! Does Sonic need his own Princess Peach? Answer: NO! You are correct sir! Your prize is that you get to read about why Amy Rose, is an utterly pathetic character! Enjoy. So yeah, I’m not a fan of Amy. Not even Sonic himself cares about her. But why should he? She’s just plain grating. With her first appearance in ‘Sonic CD’ Amy’s future looked bright. A bit like the aforementioned Peach, the goal of the game was to free Amy from the clutches of Robotnik and metal Sonic. This is how Amy should have stayed. She was perfectly acceptable in ‘Sonic CD’.

Then they gave her a voice. Oh why. Why did they give her a voice? Amy is as annoying as Sonic thinks she is, which is something when Sonic can handle talking to many tedious characters, but even Amy is too much for him. Constantly stalking Sonic, Amy will not give up until her hero lives with her forever. She’s like that woman from ‘Misery.’ If Sonic ever slowed down I can guarantee that she would keep him locked up and break his ankles when he tried to rightfully escape. Thinking about it, Amy is kind of scary. She’s now gone way past annoying and jumped right into stalker behaviour. Creepy.

NUMBER 4: Big the cat

Oh, we knew it would come to this. Everyone in the whole universe hates Big. Literally everyone. Even the big Sonic fan-base hates Big. Which is a shame because he actually looks different from every other Sonic friend in the universe. He is the least generic looking of the characters I’ve mentioned in this list. Sure, he looks idiotic but it’s at least a different type of idiocy. But yeah, everyone hates him and there’s a good and deeper reason of why.

You see for this list I contacted Professor Zack of the university of videogames, where he teaches useless sidekickology. The professor said “Big is perfect because he’s the personification of the sonic fanbase. They hate him so much because froggy represents the classic sonic gameplay constantly teasing fans but ultimately slipping out of Big’s hands and therefore the fan-base’s. It’s quite meta.” The professor then did some crack and nearly killed himself with an iron.

But to be fair I think the professor was onto something. Maybe there’s a Big the cat in all of us. Waiting to get out. That and he’s just absolutely retarded sounding. I mean come on. Big’s voice is pretty lame. Almost to the level of self parody. But you don’t need me to tell you how bad it is, so I’ll just let him speak for himself. Or not since he probably couldn’t without throwing up his organs from self-disgust or stupidity.

NUMBER 3: Cream the rabbit

Even lazier than Charmey Bee in design terms, Cream is the ultimate mixture of laziness and uselessness. Originally created for ‘Sonic Heroes’ Cream the Rabbit was shoved into ‘Sonic Advanced 2’ so that people wouldn’t think she was made just to complete one of the teams in the former game. Which is horrible. Just a hint to Sega: Shoe horning characters into games so they can be in other games won’t make us like them. It’ll make us think they’re annoying and stupid.

And she is so annoying. She brings nothing to gameplay and is very dull. She is the perfect example of making a character just ’cause. Cream is just straight up bad. I can’t even think of anything to say about her. In the end she’s just so dull. There’s nothing to her, she adds nothing, she is just a figure of nothingness that, somehow manages to be too dull to have a personality, but somehow is one of the most annoying examples of a Sonic friend in recent histiory.

NUMBER 2: Shadow the hedgehog

Basically Shadow is like Cloud from ‘Final Fantasy 7’ but he’s a hedgehog. Yeah. Remember when I went on about how Silver was a whiny bitch? Well Shadow is even worse, if that’s possible. He never shuts up about “Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!” and his dark past. He’s basically the ‘dark and edgy’ version of Sonic, to appeal to all those kids who listen to emo bands, cut themselves and apparently play Sonic games.

This is evident in even the way that he looks. Instead of blue Shadow is black and red. The colour of darkness, blood, and petty teenage angst. Oh yeah man don’t mess with Shadow. He’ll get you, and then will talk to you about his vague past, until you kill yourself because you can’t take his whiny personality any more. Ugh. So, to everyone’s chagrin Shadow also got his own game. It was atrocious. The very bottom of the Sonic franchise barrel. It was dark, edgy, and he used a gun. Everything Sega thought was cool all encapsulated in one game. This all adds up to of course Shadow being the second worst playable Sonic character in the history of Sega itself.

So there you go. Nine utterly despicable characters that you just want to bludgeon. But we still have the ultimate character. The worst Sonic character ever. But wait, I’ve already listed al the worst one’s right? There’s no one else who is worse than all of these! Well, read on because the answer to who the worst Sonic character is, may surprise you.

NUMBER 1: Sonic the hedgehog

Now before you find out where I live so you can torture me and my family, and accuse me of attention grabbing (even though I am), let me explain. Sonic is his own worst enemy. Literally. Back in the day everything was fine. But recently he went down hill (like you needed me to tell you). He abused 3D heavily and hasn’t been the same since. In all seriousness Sonic has gotten very annoying. Even in terms of character. He’s just too ‘AWESOME’ and ‘RADICAL’ for his own good. His sassy-ness is only matched by Rouge the bat’s.

So, Sonic was cool but has lately gotten grating. Especially to old Sega fanatics. But could this all change? Well with ‘Sonic 4’ coming up it certainly looks that way. We could be looking at an all new Sonic the hedgehog! Or old Sonic, depending on how you look at it.

So, right now Sonic is the worst character in Sonic. This is totally fact because I said it and no one can disagree with me ’cause I have reasons. He is just the worst character. Not because of his design, or voice (although his voice is rather “EXTREME!” and therefore grating), but by how he’s been treated, abused even. But look on the bright side because things could be getting better. Maybe. Let’s see. Thanks for reading. Agree with me, or else.

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  1. It’s Like you Read my Mind!

  2. Actually, there are two advantages to Silver. His gameplay was actually the most “fun” part of the horror that was ’06 (at least until Dusty Desert and THAT FUCKING BILLIARDS PUZZLE). Plus his theme. Bentley Jones is amazing.

    But yeah, everyone on here is pretty much useless. Everyone not named Sonic or Robotnik is useless honestly.

  3. I’m not saying I loved the character or the voice, but I really quite liked the Big the Cat levels of Sonic Adventure.
    I think I’m the only one worldwide though!
    Also, his theme song is one of those “so bad, it’s good” type things.

    Duh, Froggy!

  4. I can do nothing but agree with you on Cream. She really is the most useless, unnecessary character in the entire universe.

  5. I think people are way too critical of Sonic. Everyone hates it now that its the cool thing to hate Sonic.

  6. I don’t agree.. You make me mad! Yes, maybe there are a few things wrong with the games, but think about this…
    Maybe SEGA is annoyed and probably not focusing good because you and people like you are constantly going on and on about how the games suck and how they should be fixed instead of just sending a message to SEGA saying there is a bug and if they could fix it and maybe give them a few ideas on how to make the game better.
    GEEZ, you and all Sonic fans go nuts when a new game is released just to come back and hit SEGA in the face with your hateful comments.. Besides, I really don’t care how they make the games, just as long as I can get, play, and enjoy them! So stop nagging people! Encourage them to make a better game, instead of keeping your heads in the past and trying to destroy the games they’ve made with your nagging!

  7. @cadtalfryn, I agree!

  8. Annieoneoutthere August 1, 2010 @ 7:42 AM

    Sonic in 3D what a crock! I totally agree that from that point he lost his way…come back old Sonic we loved you best.

  9. i disagree with the fact that sonic amy, shadow, and sonic are on there because ever since amy and shadow came into the sonic games, they have been way better than the old ones. and i know that sonic has being hated because of the new games, but why should sonic get blammed for the peoples opinions. why cant they just shut up and play the game for once instead of trying to get ur money back because u already think the game is going to be horrible.

  10. i at least play a game that i never played before i decide on if it is a good game or not. but complaining over a game that you probably never played yet is kind of stupid. don’t get me wrong, i like the old games, its just that the new games have a longer story than most of the old games, and if you play the new games in order you will be able to keep track of what happened instead of getting a new sonic game and not knowing what happened before the game you just got and it would ruin the story line if you skip a game and play all the newer games

  11. Yeah, this whole “Top 10 Worst Sonic Characters”, simply means you have nothing better to do with your life. [This is in my opinion, but since I don’t know you or anything. I hope this did not offend you in anyway.]


  12. @master167
    Wat? Are you really playing Sonic for the story?

    …err.. ok? I’m not offended even though that’s what I assumed you wanted me to be from statement said right before that.

  13. No, no deary! I didn’t want you to be offended. Though one of the reasons Shadow was one of the worst characters wasn’t true. Shadow isn’t for kids who ‘listen to “emo” bands and/or cut themselves’, I hope you know that the statement above is not a good enough reason.


  14. Ok so whining at every opportunity about MARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and being generally mopy isn’t being emo?

    Also I wasn’t honestly offended by your comment. You can relax.

  15. It’s a bit emotional, I must say that. Also, I’ve been known to post random stuff and the such. One more thing, bye.


  16. I agree. The creators are making too many allies for Sonic and only one or two villains such as Robotnik. I have created my own comic book and drawn up four good guys, dozens of bad guys and a lot of civilians, that’s it. There is no need to do more good guys because there is a certain point where the storyline goes off course and the audiences would think it is a cliche that Sonic the Hedgehog is not good enough to be a hero. I don’t know why the Sonic Team had to create more good guys, they should just stick with three or four characters. Sonic Underground was my favourite show to watch because it was all about three characters and more villains too.

  17. ALRIGHT NOW!… im so mad by reading your article right now!I LOVE BLAZE THE CAT SHES MY FAV! your list is messed up! that is stupid!!!!!!!! >:3 im so mad…..

  18. You sir, are a cock loving, poor excuse for a sonic fan. In order to make a list of horrible Sonic characters you need to look at each characters back story, personality, and design, and comment on how each one of those things are horrible, could be improved, and also tell what is good about the characters. Now on to my personal flaming of your sorry ass.
    First, how dose Blaze look like anything but a cat? I mean honestly? Dose Sonic, Shadow, or Amy look anything like an actual hedgehog? Fuck the hell no they don’t. The only problems I have with Silver and Blaze is that they debuted in the single most horrible sonic game ever made.
    Next, how dare you put Shadow on that list? He has become a very important character, being Sonic’s rival and all. And then you actually dared to call Cloud Strife of one of the most iconic games in Final Fantasy history a whiny, emo bitch? I’m sorry, but anyone who’s actually played the game knows better. I honestly have no idea where that stereo type of him came from. Cloud may be an arrogant asshole at times, but he is also extremely loyal to his friends. That was off topic but it helps push my point of just how retarded this guy truly is. I do agree, however, that shadow is a bit emo.
    Third, WTF? You can’t put the two main, and most popular, characters of the game in the top 2 spots of a thing like this. How is Sonic the worst character? How is his new design bad? How do you get off on any of your reasoning? Basically everything you have stated is saying ” I don’t like these characters because I don’t like them! And because I’m arrogant, as well as ignorant, no one can argue with me”. Your reasoning is the most childish I’ve ever heard. So come back when you can make a list with actual reasons.

    P.S.: You just got Pwned with logic bitch!

  19. Ok every thing ok UNTIL SHADOW HES HOT THATS A REASON FOR HIM NOT TO BE ON THIS LIST [img]shadow[/img]

  20. [img]shadow the hedgehog[/img]

  21. You know what heres my top 5 thing i hate about you:
    1.Your whinny
    2.your stuck up yourself
    3.your an ass
    4. You are a put down
    5. Your going down hill
    okay so just get the over it that shadow is still missing his B.F.F and just get over yourself.

  22. 1 character u forgot—–
    she was the biggest fucking mistake… EVER! its cos 4kids made her, same with all humans in sonic x

  23. My top 5 Worst sonic chars.
    5. Charmy the Bee
    4.Cream the Rabbit
    3.Eggman Nega
    2.Big the Cat

  24. #1 is you craphead how did you even come up with this list?!

    • Michael Westgarth June 17, 2013 @ 8:52 AM

      Wow, I had no idea that this article had such a large heap of pure hatred thrown at it.

      Thanks Mr. Fisher!

  25. Wow… I never have known a person tht hate these sonic.characters this much(I agree with charmy cuz he nothing in the series) but for the rest of the characters why in the bloody hell would you put the sonic,shadow,blaze,sliver,rouge ,amy, and especially werehog sonic on most the most hated list. A person like don’t like sonic at all. Here’s my reason if most of you is wonder why I didn’t say big and cream, look here big is a little slow but goddamn you didn’t have to put him on the hated list because you he’s dumb. Cream for a fact is because she nothing but a shy and happy little girl that didn’t do nothing wrong at that(even tho she’s not a playable character) but still you have to give the least used charaters some character but with the main character that save the world on this hated list and why you would but on here, first of all you can’t judge the characters and what goods things they got and use them to save they’re world. But for this hated list a lot of ppl that read this which means your a little kid that what things his way and judge things that you have no idea what are you getting into you alrdy see a lot of hated comments on here alrdy. Nice job Asshole for putting up this hated listed.

  26. these are all true except for a few ^_^ the #1 worst character 100% true 😛 sonic sucks im happy tails isnt on this list O_O

  27. That's a made up email April 26, 2014 @ 5:02 PM


  28. Because you loved this so much I made a new one!!!

  29. i love most of those characeters

  30. Shadow should stay where he is on the list, but buff Knuckles should be number one.

  31. if you read my mind you would know that in spite of your name basic grammar dictates that the article capitalizes the word God

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