Sega Addicts Episode 20 records tonight!

In honor of our 20th episode the Sega Addicts will be joined by the producer for Sonic Colors, Keith Dwyer. You can expect a lot of Sonic talk this episode as the entire show will be devoted to the upcoming Wii and DS games as well as those amazing pre-order hats.

Like usual, we will be taking listener questions to ask Keith. If you’ve got questions concerning Sonic Colors then ask away in the comments below. Bodacious!

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  1. How many colours will be in Sonic Colours?

    Has their been any competition with this game and the upcoming sonic 4?

  2. If I reserve both versions do I get two hats? The guy at Gamestop wasn’t sure.

    Are there any other character cameos like Knuckles or Amy?

    Will the soundtrack have more songs like the one in the trailer?

  3. A couple questions for him:

    Is Colors directed at a younger crowd? If so, do you think it will still appeal to older gamers? Will Sonic 4 appeal to younger gamers? It seems like it should be possible to create titles that are kid friendly without feeling like they’re ONLY for kids. I think most of us who grew up in the 90s grew up on this kind of entertainment and are the better for it.

    Why did Sega finally decide to change the voice actors for this title, and how did they decide on the new voices? What does the new Sonic sound like?

  4. Three from me:

    1: With Roger Craig Smith kinda known for deep-voiced characters (notably to me, Eddy from Tekken and Noba from Bleach), does this mean we’re getting a deep-voiced Sonic?

    2: Any idea on when a soundtrack will be released? I dunno about anyone else, but I really loved the little bit of “Reach For the Stars” we got.

    3: Maybe this is just me being bummed out cause I don’t own a Wii, and I really wanna play this game, but why make this a Nintendo exclusive?

  5. Will the Wii version of “Sonic Colors” support the classic controller?

    Have you announced a price for either version or when can we expect that information to be released?

  6. What was the inspiration make the power-ups in Sonic Colours characters themselves? and do you have a personal favourite?

  7. 1. Will it be like other sonic games where the first few level are good then it turn into deathtraps?

    2. Will Eggman be goofball or be serious villain?

    3. I still need help with my Cream loving friend.

  8. hey, alright i would like to know if there are any levels in the game that take place in a city or village ect. like sonic unleashed and the other sonic games, because those are my favorite kinds of levels. and i would also like to know if sonic can be equipped with upgrades, or new abilities like on sonic and the secret rings when you equip the rings. thanks

  9. S0NlCTHEHEDGEH0G July 20, 2010 @ 7:34 PM

    ignore my last post please.

    ask just those to the producer:
    here are my questions :

    1. sonic unleashed for the wii felt lazied. no hub towns and 2 missing stages, will wii owners have the same fate in sonic’s anniversary and what do you have to say about the wii version being inferior due to it being a port of a ps2 game?

    2. if you are the producer of sonic colors then what are the roles of takashi iizuka , several sites including nintendo power news magazine claimed he was the producer?

    3. what wisps/stages/any thing you could confirm right now and we don’t know about? and is sonic colors a canon to the 3d sonic series?

    4. tropical resort level design and graphically wise compared to tropical resort is a failure , please take it at note. i really would like the level design and music of all the stages to be as exciting as tropical resort zone. please take it at note.

    5. how is the development state of sonic colors?
    how many zones/wisps made or done?

    6. can you often please post in sega forums –> sonic colors forum and hear our problems and post or at least start a development blog at IGN?

    7. sonic colors lacks focus on the environment even tropical resort. for example sweet mountain , its about their aren’t any donuts loops or even cake enemies , its just all metal ground and a sweet backround , can you take it as a note?

    8. it feels like the graphics of sonic colors are really pushing the limits for Wii. but can you downgrade the graphics the way it could run at 60 frames per second much like super mario galaxy?

    9. several gamers called sonic games rip off nintendo. for example sonic unleashed werehog based on twilight princess and sonic colors based on super mario galaxy. i don’t agree with them but what are your thoughts?

    10. takashi iizuka hinted that metal sonic won’t make an appearance but he mentioned a new character but he didn’t tell what it is , i was hoping you could tell me what it is.

  10. Does Knuckles have a new voice actor?

    Does Colors utilize a hubworld, a world map, or neither?

    How often do we hear Sonic speak in Colors, compared to previous 3D titles?

  11. Also, how awesome is Jurassic Park?

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