The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 49 – Condemned and Praised

Are you guys ready for what could possibly be the best 50th episode of The Sega Addicts Kids Table in history? Well if you’re not then it’s a good thing that today’s episode is instead the 49th instalment of Stevie, John, and Josh’s adventures in horrible podcasting!

In this episode the gang talk about if they would rather have had a Bayonetta sequel or a new Viewtiful Joe game, the impossibility of a Condemned continuation, and bad in-flight entertainment. Does all this sound like your cup of tea? Well if it doesn’t then shut up. Episode 50 is next week so stop spoiling the fun.

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  1. This podcast is racist and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. ?

  3. Don’t forget Michael, you’ve participated in this travesty, so you are an enabler, nay, an accomplice!

  4. The only way to make this better is to have tea-time on the next podcast.

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