‘Reformat the Planet’ chiptune documentary coming to DVD

REFORMAT THE PLANET trailer from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

Did you dig the rockin tunes in the Scott Pilgrim game? They were done by 8-bit band Anamanaguchi who will be featured in the new chiptune documentary Reformat the Planet. Chiptunes are like your favorite 8 and 16 bit videogame songs but new and more indie and awesome. The doc is coming to a 2 disc DVD and is made by 2 Player Productions. You might know them as the guys who did the first season of PATV. The doc will focus on the 2006 Blip Festival and chiptune culture in general. The package comes with the movie, a new short about the intervening years since the original documentary was shot and a collector’s booklet consisting of photos and essays by chiptune musicians.

And if you’re in or near New York you can check out the release party thrown by 2PP themselves August 22 at the Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. Nullsleep, Bit Shifter,  and Glomag will perform with visuals by NO CARRIER. You can get tickets at their website or at the door.

I’m excited for the doc and will certainly be picking up a copy. If you’re interested in some other chiptuners you can check out the community at 8 Bit Collective and this awesome video of a chiptune piano that floated around the net a few weeks ago.

[source: Destructoid]

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  1. Guh, wish I lived near New York 😡

  2. I’m not that far. I might go. SEGA ADDICTS MEET UP IN NY!

  3. I can’t wait for this. I haven’t pre-ordered it yet but I will once I get a little extra cash.

  4. If you guys are interested in this you should checkout Nerdcore the documentary about MC Frontalot and Nerdcore rap. I think it’s still on Netflix watch instantly.

  5. I really miss those transparent shells that Nintendo use to make for their hardware. The Wii would be 10x cooler if it had that.

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