Valkyria Chronicles 3? Maaaybeee…

Sega has registered a new domain under

Valkyria Chronicles 1 & 2’s websites are and, respectively.

Could this mean that a Valkyria Chronicles 3 is in the works? Is it going to be a PS3 game? Will fans be happy? Is there a god? Will we ever get a Shenmue 3?

We probably won’t ever get an answer to some of those questions but if I had to take an educated guess I would say that the answer to the first one would be “Yes.” Please don’t quote me on that. I could be wrong.

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. YES.
    Thank you.

  2. I so wish that LBP had VC costumes but anyway I would love to see another VC game. I would just hope that it’d be on the PS3 next time around.


  4. @GamingFiend, they totally did, dude.

  5. Yes. More Valkyria Chronicles.

  6. @ Alex
    I love that the progression of questions leads from “Is there a God?” to “will there be a Shenmue 3?”

    Everybody knows that this last question is the real mystery of the ages. Beyond the meaning of life, where the hell is my Shenmue 3?

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