High Voltage working on Conduit game for 3DS

You may remember the news yesterday where I said that we could be getting Conduit games on other consoles. However it’s been confirmed now that that console in question was actually the 3DS. Yes High Voltage Software are working on a 3DS Conduit title. Nofsinger, the creative chief officer at High Voltage Software said that it’s “going to be able to have something very close to this [Conduit 2] on the 3DS probably by GDC.” The game will of course have on-line and will use the new friend code system.

So what do you think? A new Conduit game on a hand-held that (apparently) looks as good as it’s Wii counterpart? Will you be getting this or leaving it to play other console shooters? Tell me in the comments!

[Source: Nintendo World Report]