Sonic Colours multiplayer confirmed

Some of you eagle eyed readers might remember that a while ago we told you about a sneaky rumour which involved Sonic Colours and a 2 player mode. Well I’m here to tell you, that you haven’t gone insane just yet, and yes Sonic Colours will have a co-op mode!

The mode itself will be set up as Robotniks robots trying out a simulation. You can unlock co-op stages through the main game by collecting all the red medallions scattered around. Also the co-op stages are supposed to be hard. Even more difficult than the main game. Sounds fun, I hope it has an online mode, but really with the Wii I doubt it. Oh well, we can still grab a ‘real life’ friend and have some fun when Sonic Colours comes out later this year.

[Source: IGN]

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  1. So does the fact that this is a simulation mean that the red recolour of Sonic isn’t going to be placeholder then?

    This is disappointing, if Sega is going with a recolour, it should look more like Sonic’s icon (top-right) and be florescent pink. ;P

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