It’s that time of year again! 11 years ago the Dreamcast was released in the US and Canada! Hooray! Unfortunately, we all know what happened to our poor friend and alas he is no more. But we can still celebrate good times! Play a few Dreamcast games and remember our lost innocence and stuff.

So are you going to do anything special today? Hold a party? Whatever you do just make sure it’s in remembrance of one of the very best Sega consoles of all time. Happy birthday, Dreamcast!

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  1. What an insane day. The first game of the NFL season, featuring my beloved World Champion New Orleans Saints, and the 11th birthday of my cherished Dreamcast.

    This is truly a day for celebration.

  2. Aw man you beat me to it.

    Happy BDay, Dreamcast

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREAMCAST!!! May you come back like a blast from the past, and wow us all over again!!!

  4. I’ll keep hitting F5 on Sega’s website until a DC2 is announced!

  5. Sweet muffins, that drawing is adorable!

    Dreamcast forevah.

  6. Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

    @Tom Kyzivat – That drawing may be an experiment of weaponized cuteness.

  7. JetSetRadioForever September 10, 2010 @ 7:56 AM

    That’s a cool little pic tho I don’t see a PS3 and a 360 getting that cozy. That PS3 may have a knife on him as well. 😛

    Anyway, I still have (and use) my beloved Dreamcast, nary a problem. Come to think, My Saturn from ’95 still works as well. Compare that to PS1 – 5 of them, PS2 – 6, Xbox – 2 and Xbox 360 – 2 since launch dates. Sega > Sony always!

  8. Time to break out some Crazy Taxi and Chu Chu Rocket I guess. Heres to you Dreamcast. Cheers.

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