Could Yakuza Ishin be going multi-platform?


News regarding the recently announced Yakuza Ishin is scarce, making for fertile ground for some speculation on the release. One glaring detail not mentioned by Sega is the release platform for Yakuza Ishin, which, judging by the release of previous Yakuza titles, would be the PlayStaion 3 or even the PlayStation 4.

So does no announcement of Yakuza being a PlayStation exclusive open up the possibility of the game going multi-platform? The Yakuza series recently made its way to the Wii U with less than stellar results not has Microsoft ever attained a foothold in Japan with the original Xbox or the Xbox 360. So, does another platform besides PlayStation even make sense?

A few details have, however, been confirmed. The player can take control of two historical figures Sakamoto Ryoma and Hajime Saito and Sega has also confirmed that at least parts of the game will be set within the Japanese cities Tosa and Kyoto.

[Source: VG247]

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  1. Just a heads up 2 playable characters haven’t been confirmed. Hajime Saito is Kazuma Kiryu as Ryoma Sakamoto in disguise!

  2. It’d be nice! If the conversion from ps to Xbox isn’t too expensive, then it makes no sense to not try.

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