Sega Addicts episode 27 records tonight!

Tonight is the conclusion of our Phantasy Star HBO miniseries! Last week we discussed Phantasy Star 1-4 and the Japanese portable releases in between. This week we will once again be joined by SEGA’s Aaron Webber to discuss the series from Phantasy Star Online to the present. With the release of Phantasy Star Portable 2 this week and the recent announcement of Phantasy Star Online 2 we certainly have a lot to discuss.

If you’ve got any questions for us or Mr. Aaron Webber please leave them in the comments below.

Also, don’t forget about this week’s contest to win Phantasy Star Collection for GBA and Sonic Adventure for Xbox 360!

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  1. How quickly did everyone just gloss over Phantasy Star Universe? I say that in the context of both this show and.. historically.

  2. To Aaron: When playing Sonic riders, how important is it to wiggle?

  3. Will Aaron be at NYCC?

    Now that it’s post-E3, SDCC, TGS AND PAX do you guys have anything left to reveal or even show off at NYCC?

  4. Oh and if by chance SEGA were to release Power Stone over XBLA and PSN, would it be online?

  5. Also for Aaron: When you were standing next to Kris Knigge, were you afraid he was going to get hungry and then eat you?

  6. @Matthew Jay – I doubt SEGA will be able to release Power Stone since Capcom published the original game and the PSP re-release.

  7. I’m kind of new to the site, but it’s awesome to see that you guys have a podcast. I will attempt to start from the beginning, but if I don’t make it all the way to this episode, know this: I died from AWESOMENESS. =)

  8. I guess my question is why Phantasy Star has turned into an action-based MMORPG when its roots were always turn-based? Why won’t SEGA release a standard, story-driven JRPG sequel (Phantasy Star VI)? If anything Valkyria Chronicles has proven that there still is a fervent interest in traditional SEGA RPGs, so what gives? The same applies for the Shining Force series.

  9. My other question would be – have any of you guys fired up the original Dreamcast PSO online lately? There’s still a nice online community at that supports it, and even to this day it’s still a blast.

  10. One more: Dark Falz in PSO…best final boss ever?

  11. What is your favourite Mexican food?

    What are your favourite easter eggs in Phantasy Star Online and why?

  12. What kind of sport would Dark Falz enjoy playing and would he be MVP of said sport?

    I’d also just like to say that I highly respect Mr. Webber and I believe he does a fantastic job.

  13. Questions for Aaron, are you going to hold more contests besides the twitter free stuff Friday, like you did on the blogs and facebook for Valkyria Chronicles II, twitter is too buggy and who are you trying to market to bitchy teenage girls, and twenty-somethings that still act like bitchy teenage girls?
    Any games announced at TGS already in the works of localization and can we expect Valkyria Chronicles III in August 2011?
    How about a copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends I didn’t know about the differences when it came out back in the day and now its going for ridiculous prices for a new copy. I loved the original and stayed up all night playing it when it first came out when I was in high school. After beating it I remember going back to my save and running in circles in the last dungeon grinding my characters to the max, just for the hell of it, such a sweet game.

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