Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 27 – Phantasy Star Series Part 2

This episode we were joined by none other than Aaron Webber from Sega to help us discuss the Phantasy Star Online series. We had Francis P. Tassium on again to discuss some recent and incredibly interesting banana news. I believe we also talked about some Sega related new as well. It’s something new we’re trying.

Tom continues to blow us all away with his beautiful compositions. It won’t be long until we lose Tom to one of the late night talk shows wanting a new house band.

Here’s the outline:

00:00:51 – News

00:38:45 – Main Topic: Phantasy Star Series Part 2

01:40:45 – Listener Questions

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  1. I should of gotten around to add in my comments but it’s good to have Aaron Webber back again. Seriously is. Maybe the next podcast I’ll come up with something interesting to ask.

  2. ~ Reading Rainbow! ~

    Thanks again Aaron Webber.

  3. Great podcast. Brought back a lot of memories of my time with PSO for the GameCube.

  4. I seriously haven’t played anything other than Phantasy Star Online (I don’t remember which episode) for the GameCube. And I never owned a GameCube. Meaning I pretty much played it at some friends’ houses. However, I have my Dreamcast up and running again, so I plan to start playing the series and seeing all of the shit I missed. :L

  5. I played 3 or 4 a hundred years ago and don’t even remember it. I also played C.A.R.D. revolution on the Gamecube… single player. So, um, yuck on that one. My wife is getting me the Genesis collection for the 360 as part of my Christmas gifts, so I’ll give them another try.

    A request: I mean no disrespect, but could you guys try to shorten up the podcasts. I find they kind of drag on after awhile, and limiting the amount of time per topic could really sharpen them up. Sorry if that offends you guys, because I really love the podcasts, and the site, and the interview with the Sonic Colors guy was the best podcast anywhere, ever. Still, shorter could be better. (Before anyone says it, yes, that is, in fact, what she said).

  6. Hahaha. That piano is hilarious.

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