Here’s a new batch of Sonic Colours screen shots for you to enjoy!

Saying I’m excited for Sonic Colours is an understatement. The game looks so good. But how would you folks like to see some juicy new screen shots based on the new co-op mode? Well click that tasty ‘more’ button and I’ll serve you up some nice tasty pictures to enjoy!

Here we go!

Co-op looks fun as hell, right? These make me even more excited. What about you? You know the drill, tell me what you think about Sonic Colours in the comments, or else!

[Source: Sonic City Blognik]

Readers Comments (2)

  1. Looks pretty cool. Weird that this is a Sonic game that is actually getting pretty good press before launch. It’s probably getting even better press than Sonic 4, which has come under attack for being kind of auto-pilot with the homing attack. This one looks to have variety from the screenshots and a different approach than previous next gen Sonic titles. Hope it lives up to the (always high) hype!

  2. Still looks great. I’m as excited over this as I am over Sonic 4 (which looks great and anyone who thinks otherwise can shut right up). I’m not big on co-op usually, but my wife is great at Sonic games, so she’ll probably play this one with me.

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