Sonic Adventure hits PSN tonight

Sega just revealed on their Twitter and Facebook that, after a week of XBLA exclusivity, Sonic Adventure is hitting the PSN tonight at Midnight EDT. No comment on price point, although I’d hazard to guess it’ll be $9.99 like the XBLA version.

Based on a few reactions I’ve seen on the forums (WHICH YOU ALL SHOULD JOIN), it doesn’t seem like the perfect port we hoped for. If you’re a Playstation user, are you planning on picking it up tonight at launch? Or are you waiting on a price drop? Or are you like me and perfectly happy with the Dreamcast original? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I still want to play the game even it isn’t a perfect port!

  2. I’ll give the demo a shot, but unless it’s something special or has trophies, I doubt I’ll actually buy it at full price. Like I said, I have it on Dreamcast already, and I’m quite happy with that.

    If anything else, it brings the ratio of decent 3D Sonic titles on the PS3 to 2:1, so that’s always good.

  3. I’ll stick with the DC version, methinks, but if I do cave it’ll be for the 360 version since I prefer both the controller and the whole Live interface to the PS3.

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