Yakuza of the End gets a gameplay trailer

Looking forward to Yakuza of the End? I am, sort of. I mean I haven’t played a single Yakuza game but this one really interests me. I love it when developers do weird new things with their franchises and this game looks like it embraces the weirdness. The above video reminds me a lot of Dead Rising. Maybe this game could also be the game that makes me not hate that franchise, too!

Overall, the game looks like a neat diversion for both fans and newcomers of the Yakuza series. Let’s just hope Sega decides to bring it to the West.

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. …What the hell did I just watch.

  2. While I haven’t played a single second of any of these, I can’t turn away anything with zombies. Especially when it’s this ridiculous. Loving the shit out of this. I’ll probably play the other games before this though.

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