The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 66 – Naughty Peoples Dream Podcast


Hey gang what’s up? Nothing? Bored? Waiting for something to turn your life into fun? Well thankfully for you The Sega Addicts Kids Table is back (and late, blame epilepsy) again to entertain you with Tom Kyzivat filling in for John this week! Does that get you hyped? No! Well how about some discussion on the 1995 motion picture epic Theodore Rex? Yes? Yes!!!

On a more serious note there’s also some conversation about Sonic Dash becoming free, the old Castle of Illusion HD rumors, and much more. Oh and if you want to find out what’s up with the title for this episode you’re gonna have to listen to the actual thing. Enjoy!

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  1. Holy moly you guys were in rare form on this episode. And I loved it!

    Can’t wait for Bioshock Addicts to kick off. 😛

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