The Weekly Contest: Sonic Adventure (PSN)

And the winners of last week’s contest are:

Phantasy Star Universe (Xbox 360) – grolt

Inflatable rappies – Daguru77 & Skrams

Congratulations everyone!

This week’s prize will be Sonic Adventure on PSN. Right now I can only guarantee one code to giveaway but I may be updating this with several more during the week if I’m able to get more. Good luck!

How to enter:


It’s simple really. At the end of each week (Saturday night), all of the comments left on any post on the site will be totaled up. Every comment you leave gives you one chance to be drawn as the winner of that week’s prize. So, the more commenting you do the better chance you have to win, but you do have a small chance of winning even if you only leave one comment that week.

Comments that are not relevant to a post will not count. They also have to have substance. Just saying “Awesome” on every post will get you nowhere, son. As long as you’re praising the author for a job well done, asking a question, adding some information, or even debating against one of the author’s points, your comment will count.

At the end of each week the comments will reset. Even if you left a bunch one week, you’ll have no entries unless you leave more the next week. But just think if you’re a big commenter you could potentially win four games a month! Wowza!

Readers Comments (10)

  1. Floaties, yay! Now I can begin my swimming again.

  2. I wonder if this version of the game has the bugs removed ie cheap deaths.

  3. Never really got the chance to play this one as Sonic Adventure 2 was my first Dreamcast Sonic game.

  4. Hey, awesome! This should finally push me over the edge to play the game rather than just duck out on my Dreamcast with the original PSO. Thanks, guys.

    As for Sonic Adventure…what system do you think you guys would rather play it on? I’m thinking the 360 myself, maybe because the four color coordinated buttons most resembles the Dreamcast. I guess the heft of the XBOX controller does, too. Otherwise, I can’t see a convincing argument either way other than a preference for achievements or trophies.

  5. @FunETman – Nothing has been fixed from the PC DX version

  6. Congratz grolt, Skrams and Daguru77.

    If the unlockable character was anyone other than Metal Sonic, do you think Sega would still try to get $5 for the DX bonus mission DLC?

  7. Nice that I won an Inflatable Raffy that I must hide from other people now <_<

    Still haven't received an email about it though. Hopefully it will come soon. Thanks for all the contests! Been winning something for 3 Weeks straight!

  8. I demand a shooter with E-102 in it.

  9. Hmmm i wonder if this will turn out better than that Sonic 2 HD project…

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