Stevie Grant’s “What we’ve been playing”: Week of 3/10/2010

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Matthew Jay isn’t doing games of the week any more. He doesn’t love you and because of this I have declared him ‘the worst thing on the internet ever’. In fact from now on all you readers have to refer to him as ‘Matthew Gay’ and I will do so too.

Also for those of you wondering why it’s ‘3/10/2010’, well that’s because I’m British and we write our dates out correctly. Seriously I have no idea why you do it ‘month/day/year’ but it’s stupid. Stop doing that. Anyway let’s get this party started as the various members of Sega Addicts tell you what game’s they’ve been playing. Including me (which is the best one btw)! Hit the jump, kids!

Stevie Grant- Sexy writer of Top 10 Worst and Reviews of Games I Haven’t Played:
I completed Madworld, and have started re-playing Mario Galaxy 2. That game is so good that even after a full 100% completion I was still tempted to go back. That’s how fun it is. Not much, after that though, just been boring and dat. And that’s all from me this week.

Brett Hatfield- Community Manager and writer of Megadriving:
Still playing Tekken 6. Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 and Resonance of Fate got some play this morning, as well. Just haven’t felt like playing anything this week, really.

Alex Barbatsis- Writer of Retro Reviews and Freaky Fridays:
So busy organizing a gaming marathon that I have had little time for games this week. The only one is our hated rival in his galactic sequel (I LOVE YOU MARIO!!! <3). For those interested, my oatmeal breakfast plan is going great and I now need a smaller black leather belt.

Josh Newey- Writer of With Great Power Comes Great Games and Underappreciated Gems:
I’ve started another playthrough of Half Life 2. It’s quite good. It’s Half Life 2. I’m not sure how much more I need to say about that. I’ve also continued playing Yoshi’s Island. I have to say I’m getting pretty disturbed at some of the stuff in that game. If eating enemies apparently impregnates Yoshi and touching a fuzzy gets him stoned as shit, I don’t wanna see what his college life was like….Ba-zing!


Tough crowd.

Alexander Sargeant- Writer of Retro Reviews:

I played rock paper scissors against Yuji Naka and lost.

It was a weird day.

Kris Knigge Reviewer and Podcast host:
Valkyria Chronicles 2 and college. Sorry I’m so boring lately! (Oh, also the Japanese Vanquish challenge mode demo, I guess!)

Andrew Galbraith- Writer of Contemporary Alternatives and Miscoded Confidence:
This week I’ve been playing a lot of Hydrophobia unfortunately and should have my review up for that sometime in the coming days. Thankfully, I finally finished the campaign of Halo: Reach and couldn’t be happier with what Bungie did – more on that way later and somewhere else though. As far as Sega games, I’m back playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my Game Gear and still enjoying it despite having lost count of the times I’ve played that damn game. Oh and before I forget, I’ve clocked a lot of time with Dead Rising 2 and so far – it feels a lot like playing the original…is it so much to ask that I can just play a game for the sole purpose of killing zombies? You know, like Zombies Ate My Neighbors?

Matthew Gay- Lame person who writes 10 Things That Aren’t Sonic and Radvertisements: When he’s not too busy being a big lame stupid head: I played Sonic Pocket Adventure on the Neo Geo Pocket Color (again) which tossed me back into my love affair with the wonderful little handheld. Seriously, if you don’t own one of these go pick it up and get Metal Slug, SNK vs Capcom and every other damn game on the Pocket because they were pretty much all great. Also Give Up Robot 2 over at [as] games.

And there we go! Wow that sure was fun Stevie! Yes children, it was! Now tell me what you’ve been playing and get into my van.

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  1. Interesting! Is the Vanquish Japan demo different from the US?

  2. Man that Matthew Gay guy sounds like a stupidhead.

    Glad that someone is playing Dead Rising 2. Been wanting to pick it up myself but haven’t had the time. Trying to play Hydrophobia and Blade Kitten right now but both are pretty mediocre. Need to finish Starcraft 2 up someday.

  3. Daguru77:

    Interesting! Is the Vanquish Japan demo different from the US?

    Only available on Japan PSN. Its basically horde mode in I think 5 waves.

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