New XBLA indie game is Panzer Dragoon inspired

Hey Panzer Dragoon fans, been itching for another game in the series you love so much? Well I’m sorry because there isn’t a new one coming out anytime soon. Luckily there’s one Japanese indie developer who has developed his own XBLA indie game inspired by the famed Saturn series of flight games.

The game is called Leucistic Wyvern, and if you look for it on the indie section of the XBLA store then you’ll find this gem for a surprising 80 points (that’s one dollar!). However if you’re desperately poor you can try the timed demo. I seriously recommend this for anyone wanting to play a Panzer Dragoon style game or even just a quick game to play for the evening. Tell me what you thought after you played it in the comments too. That would be great.

[Source: Siliconera]

Readers Comments (3)

  1. It’s bad.

    It’s very very bad.

  2. I watched some footage of the game and it didn’t look too great. It’s impressive looking for being an Xbox Live Indie Game but the gameplay seemed to be a little lacking. Still it is only $1 and I do support seeing stuff like this on the Indie Channel.

  3. Ahh but just seeing a flying dragon in that screenshot is really just too much for me. I have to get this. Plus, it kind of looks like the dragon-flying bonus stages from Bug!.

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