Save on Sega games from the App store until Halloween

What better way is there to celebrate Halloween than by playing lots of Sega games? This blogger whole heatedly believes that there isn’t one, and it appears that Sega does too. From now until Halloween Sega has the following games on sale in the App store:

Shining Force – .99
Ecco the Dolphin – .99
Streets of Rage – .99
Sonic 4: Episode I – 6.99
Football Manager – 2.99

I don’t really think any of these games have anything to do with Halloween, but I’m certainly not going to complain about a sale. Though it is interesting that Sonic 4 is on sale already. Act fast because the sale ends in just a few days.

[Source: Sega of America Blog]

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I already have Streets of Rage so it looks like I’m gonna get Shining Force.

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