Football Manager 2014 gets a spooky release date

I don’t know how many Football Manager fans we get on this site but since it’s Sega related there’s no harm in telling you guys about it’s latest instalment. Especially when this news comes with a thrilling twist!

So the newest title from the bluntly titled Sports Interactive studio has been making it’s way with regular video blogs and content. All has been going well when the developers suddenly revealed the release date for Football Manager 2014 at the very end of their new blog. Well not suddenly… they do tell you at the beginning that they are going to do it. However that’s besides the point as I’m going to tell you right here that it will be released on the 31st of October.

Yes, Halloween! The spookiest time of the year brings you a sports release! If you can’t wait until then though you can pre-order it giving you access to the beta two weeks before it’s release.

Chilling! Spooky! Sports!

…and that’s all I really have to tell you about this one. Good fright! Whahahahahahaha!!!

 [Source: PC Gamer]