Sonic Colours DS demo avalable in Europe via Nintendo Channel

Are you a dirty UK or European resident like me? Well then congratulations because now you can download the the demo for the DS version of Sonic Colours through the Nintendo Channel! Neat, huh? It’d be nice if they did this more often but I’m not complaining.

So I also just played the demo and despite being short (it’s one act long) it was quite fun. The red wisp was cool to use and it kept up a great pace. It’s even made me consider buying the DS version which I originally was not going to do. But what do you think? Are you a horrible foreigner like me who got to play it? If that’s the case let me know what you thought in the comments.

[Source:Sega Bits]

Readers Comments (2)

  1. I do not have the honor of being a horrible foreigner so I am unable to try this.

  2. It’s nice seeing Europeans get something first, since developers tend to throw games at the US first. Although, I’d probably have different thoughts if I hadn’t played the demo a couple weeks ago. XD

    Anyway. I’m not a horrible foreigner, but I enjoyed the 360 demo at least. I had a good time with the yellow Wisp the most. I just love digging around and finding stuff. I wish Knuckles had the ability to explore the ground as well, in other games.

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