Sonic Free Riders shows off it’s multiplayer mode

Sigh. I don’t think any trailer will capture the excitement of the Japanese ad for this game. Oh well, I guess we can now watch some Americans holding hands while playing Sonic Free Riders. This trailer would definitely be better if they turned to the camera and some funky text came up. Oh well.

Still, the game itself looks alright. Personally I won’t be getting a Kinect, but I can see giving this a chance if I had one. The multiplayer looks fun too. Now you just have to find a friend who wouldn’t be disgusted by holding your palms! What do you think though? Has this trailer made you more or less excited? Tell me in the comments!

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. In honesty, I enjoyed the Riders games (Zero Gravity WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than the first one) as just mindless fun, so I actually can see myself enjoying this one.

    But enough to buy a whole other console, plus a crappy motion gimmick thing? I don’t think so Tim.

  2. I do think the game has potential. It’s really going to completely depend on how well Kinect works for controlling your character. I played through the entire first game and thought it was decent. I hope they’ve removed the energy meter that’s always depleting though.

  3. I’m not going to be getting a Kinect any time soon but I’m interested in reading reviews to see how it turned out.

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