Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 34 – 2D to 3D

Here lies yet another podcast episode for you to enjoy. I personally believe that this episode is in our top 30 best episodes and its definitely better than what episode 35 will turn out to be.

Anyway this week we discussed some of the recent Sega news, 2D franchises that ventured into the 3D realm (usually poorly), and we answered listener questions. If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a great podcast episode than I don’t know what does. Actually I do and it involves cream and sugar.

Outline time:

00:00:51 – Sega News

00:41:08 – Main Topic: 2D to 3D

01:31:22 – Listener Questions

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Thanks for the podcast again. Do wish you could of said a little on DQ IX and Kinect, but I’ll raincheck it for another day.

  2. I didn’t ask the DQ IX question as we were running low on time and I was pretty sure none of us had played the game yet. As for Kinect we discussed it a little during the news segment when we talked about Sonic Free Riders so that’s why I skipped it. Thanks for the questions though, I wish we could always get through every single one we get.

  3. The new guest is good. You should keep having him on.

  4. I swear I didn’t write that

  5. Whidmark:

    The new guest is good. You should keep having him on.

    Yes, I agree that Mr. Matt did quite well.
    Thanks Mr. Matt.

  6. *Butt slap*

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