Official Nintendo Magazine hints at side characters in next Sonic 4 episode

Official Nintendo Magazine (the UK’s equivalent of Nintendo Power) has recently previewed the next episode of the Sonic 4 saga. Sort of. They kind of talked about some changes plus hinted at some side characters, making a possible return. The official quote from the magazine said:

What can we expect this time around? Well, it’s been hinted that while Sonic was the only playable character in the first game, he may be joined by one of his many buddies for his second outing. This is no cause for concern, there’s no need to start screaming “Cream the Rabbit is coming back! Why, Satan, why?” because, given the retro stylings of the first episode, the chances are that your pal is likely to be a long-time Sonic favourite like Tails or, at a push, Knuckles.

Well it wasn’t concrete but I guess we can start to think about what new things they’ll add. But what about you? Are you excited for the new episode, or do you hate Tails and want him evicted from the canon all together? Tell me in the comments!

[Source: TsszNews]

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  1. Gee I hope Shadow makes an appearance. *shot by handgun longer than his arm*

    If they add only one character for the sake of making the game 2-player, then this is awesome. Especially if they do the half-pipe bonus stages from Sonic 2.

    My crazy imagination suggests that the Sonic 3 Blue Orb bonus levels would be insanely cool with 2-player ability. Imagine running around with another person during those stages. You would have to start in two separate places mind you, but it could have potential.

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