The SEGA Addicts record episode 41 tonight!

The rumor on the street is that the SEGA Addicts are recording a podcast tonight. Episode 41, I would presume and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s going to be part 3 of their Capcom miniseries. If I had to guess I’d say the games that will be brought up this week would be: The Great Circus Mystery, Saturday Night Slam Masters, The Punisher, Street Fighter: The Movie, and X-Men: Children of the Atom. Just a hunch.

If you have any questions for the handsome young men who record this podcast I would leave them in the comments below. I hear they check them every once in a while.

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  1. I always thought Street Fighter: The Movie was Capcom’s attempt at making their own Mortal Kombat. The reality is that nobody liked the Street Fighter movie in the first place, so seeing poorly rendered motion captures of Jean-Claude et al. was far from what everyone wanted. As a kid I was always hankering for a Mortal Kombat: The Movie game instead. Anyway, there’s been rumors about a possible MK vs. SF game in the wings, would you guys be excited at the prospect, or are they too different a franchises to properly be pitted against each other?

  2. Who’s your favourite X Man?

    Also can one of you say, in your best Magneto ‘WELCOME TO DIE!’?

  3. Q1: Did you want to punch a baby when you played through The Punisher on easy difficulty and got cut off in the middle of the game? What are your opinions on the length of certain old games varying depending on the difficulty setting?




    Random avalanche of questions:

    Is it just me or Capcom should end the Resident Evil series and focus on a new IP, even if in the same genre?

    What similitudes share Sega and Capcom? What’s the biggest differences between Sega and Capcom?

    How much is Capcom fond of Sega’s consoles? Do you think that, after all said and done, Capcom would heavily support a new console from Sega?

    Who would win in a fight: Metal Sonic or Zero?
    Ryo Hazuki or Ryu?
    Shinobi or Strider?
    Axel or Guy?
    Viewtiful Joe or Nights?
    Majima or Phoenix Wright?
    Ulala or Morrigan (no lesbian undertones to the end of this match please)?
    Agent J or Chris Redfield?
    Alex Kidd or Arthur?
    Sarah Bryant or Tiffany Lords?
    Dark Falz or Mundus?

  5. Ronald McDonald or The Burger King?

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