Yakuza of the End to feature a forklift

Imagine this, but with more Yakuza. And zombies.

Every new piece of information I hear about Yakuza of the End makes me want it more and more. For example, it was recently confirmed (Via Japanese gaming mag Famitsu) that a number of many weapons would be in the game, including a fire extinguisher, a pitching machine and even a forklift. This may sound odd but for all you Shenmue fans, the forklift is actually a nod to that very game you love. Yes in Yakuza of the End, you will be able to drive into as many zombies as you can shake a stick at, in a Shenmue inspired forklift.

Personally, I still have yet to play Shenmue but this makes me hopeful that the game may contain weapons and references to and from other games. It certainly looks that way here.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. It would be really cool if they ended up using the sandbox aspect of the game to introduce all this little nods to many a Sega IP. It would only make the game richer and even more appealing to all the Sega fans out there. Also, the type of concept being something like Of the End is just perfect for that.

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