Bayonetta has a figurine coming out in two weeks

I’ll just come out and say it, I love collecting figures or various things. Thus the above picture made me super excited to get this Bayonetta figure, when its released at the wonder festival in two weeks time. Now I won’t lie, it is a very sexy figure which shows off Bayonetta’s pose mid transformation sequence, but did you ever expect a Bayonetta figure to not be over the top, sexy?

The figure itself will be $50 which is a little pricey for me, personally. But what about you? Can you see this on your shelf in a fortnight? Tell me in the comments!

[Source: Tomopop]

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Her outfit and by that I mean breast hair is not that good looking
    I think they could have done better.
    Then again I don’t really buy action figures.

  2. I would feel creepy buying this storefront, but if i really wanted to part with 50 dollars I could see myself purchasing this.

  3. I don’t find Bayonetta particularly cute or beautifull, but she sure knows how to look sexy. As a bunch of polygons and pixels or as a plastic figure.

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