The Sega Addicts record episode 44 tonight!

And we’re onto part 6 of our engrossing and incredibly well produced Capcom series. This week’s episode is the last of the “all Saturn” games as soon we’ll be into Dreamcast territory which means the end is in sight.

This week’s games are: X-men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Pocket Fighter, Resident Evil 2, Darkstalkers 3, and Super Adventure Rockman. If you have questions for the cast please leave them in the comments below! Catch ya later!

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Do you guys think they should bring back Cyber Akuma?

  2. Will you answer my question?

  3. I loved the Zapping System they used in Resident Evil 2. I believe RE2 was originally planned to release on the Saturn at one point.

    Anyone ever unlock The Tofu Survivor? I tried but barely missed it & was sorta burnt out after playing the game 9 times through. Still a fun game to play on the PSP tho.

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