Watch this strange Sonic Happy Meal ad

Just thought I’d put this up to make your day a little more strange. A Sonic related Happy Meal tie-in from 2004. Originated from Pakistan. Now those people sure know how to sell a product! Also yes, I think that weird alien creature is supposed to be Knuckles somehow.

[Source: UK Resistance]

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  1. I… don’t…
    How could they have their renders and Sega’s official renders (on the handhelds) in the same ad and NOT think something was wrong?

  2. Wow, just look at that.
    In Pakistan they are so beyond everything the West ever did in terms of CG animation that they made Sonic look cooler than ever!

    Yeah, just a pathetic attempt at being funny.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with Pakistan, actually: That’s what you get for aligning yourself with McDonalds, Sega, you capitalist pricks!

    Yeah, I am running out of lives here.

    Can anyone help me and say something meaningfull or just properly funny?

  3. Shadow Basketball!!!!!!
    I smell a new franchise on the horizon.
    and it smells good

  4. I think I just threw up in my butt a little bit. Like, actually in my butt. That’s how bad this ad is.

    Also, all of the characters look like they’ve been eating way too much McDonalds. They should cut back on the pounds. A skinny Eggman could have at least made an appearance at the end or something…

  5. When the first time I saw this I laughed so much that my stomach is sore. 😀
    The people who made this commerical probably lefted their glasses at home or something. How can they mess up the 3D models this badly?
    Most of them don’t even look like Sonic characters. Sonic and his friends are recognizable characters, they should know what they look like by now.

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