Sonic Stadium launches Sonic Relief fundraiser

I know it’s not good business to be plugging other fan-sites but god damn it this is for a good cause so listen up. The fine folks over at Sonic Stadium have launched a fund-raiser to get some cash for Comic Relief. Comic Relief is a great charity that helps third world country and underdeveloped nations in need.

You can donate to either Comic Relief from the link above or click here to add to the Sonic Relief fund. The fund-raiser itself will have lots of fan remixing and photo-shopping fun which you can do to help other people. So go do something nice and donate/help spread the word.

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. Its wonderful to see the gaming community coming together to do things like this. Unfortunately main stream media outlets glance over this kind of news and prefer to run pieces about how Rockstar wants kids to kill each other or some other such nonsense.

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