SNES VS Genesis – Who has the tougher cartridge?

THE BOMBS HAVE DROPPED! You need to get to Vault 101 and hide from the scorching flames of world’s end, but wait-…what console should you take?

We all know that canned foods are pretty much the staple diet of all theoretical wasteland wanderers, that and the occasional roasted rad scorpion, but what games would survive the harsh reality of post-apocalyptia?

Have no fear! As Rinry of RinryGameGame and BlisteredThumbs has prepared the above video in order to decide which, if either, of the iconic SNES or Genesis cartridges can survive a series of harsh and gruelling tests of her own devising. Some devious. Others delicious.

So watch it, discuss it, tweet it. Do whatever it is that you enjoy doing to links that make you go ‘ooh, that was good’. Then realise how rubbish Steam will be to play games off of.. THE DAY THE SUN DIES.

[Source: All thanks go to Sir ManicMaverick via our TIPS line!]

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  1. I was surprised to see how resilient these carts were to water.

  2. An excellent series of tests. These days, everyone uses discs, which can get snapped in half, scratched, and even the slightest hair on it could destroy gameplay. However, the old game cartridges were powerhouses! They could withstand all sorts of trauma and then run perfectly well. I’d like to see this test performed on N64 game cartridges as well.

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