SEGA Addicts Podcast: Episode 45 – Capcom Part 7

Part 7 and we’re just getting into the Dreamcast era of Capcom games. There is one Saturn game this episode, Dungeons & Dragons Collection, but I believe it is the last we’ll be seeing. I could be wrong, but I also could be sooo right.

Other games discussed this episode were: Street Fighter Alpha 3, Dino Crisis, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Power Stone, and Marvel vs. Capcom.

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  1. I had no idea about the duel character controlling thing in MvC. Surprised no one I know tries it…

    I also forgot about Dino Crisis 3. After watching the first part of it on YouTube I think it’s best it stays forgotten…

  2. I can’t help but correct Mike from the podcast in regard to the cross-fever mode, because you could definitely get all 4 players on screen at once in the DC version of MvC.

    The cross-fever mode was a 4-player mode and as long as the player on the screen at the time pulled of the combo, both players of said team would be on the screen at once with a human player controlling each teammate.

    This was what I was referring to in my question for the podcast, which in retrospect I realize it was not horribly clear, so I apologize. Basically, I wish they kept this ability in the games with 2-man teams rather than upgrading to 3-man teams. It’d be nuts!

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