Sega confirms Chris Evans for Captain America

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Sega has announced that Captain America star Chris Evans will reprise his role in the upcoming multiplatform game based upon the movie. The star will be lending both his voice and likeness to the game, which is slated to come out this July.

Voice acting was the least of the problems in Iron Man 2, which featured Robert Downey Jr reprising his role from the movie.  Do you think Sega will have learned from their previous Marvel outings, or do you think that we are in for more of the same?
[Source: IGN]

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  1. Welcome!

  2. My hopes are better, seeing as these are the guys that made the Wii revitalisation of Punch Out.

    They also -didn’t- make Golden Axe: Beast Rider. So doubly enticed.

  3. @ John: Thank you!
    @ Alex: Good point! Next Level does have quite a few hits under their belt. Hopefully they will use their talents to create Marvel’s answer to Arkham Asylum.

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