Preview of Sonic movie emerges

Fans who have been following the Sonic fan film since its inception in 2005 will be glad to know that the film has ended pre-production and a preview has been released.  Sonic The Hedgehog: An Animated Fan Film combines elements of the games, cartoons, and comics as it follow Sonic and friends in their quest to defeat Dr. Robotnik. Though Sega of Japan shot down a release with Universal Pictures in 2007, the project is hopeful of scoring a DVD release or another cinematic deal.

The film certainly looks promising when compared to the original Sonic The Hedgehog anime movie from 1999. Is this something you are looking forward to seeing released?

[Source: Indie Gogo]

Readers Comments (2)

  1. The voice acting is really bad.

  2. “Is this something you are looking forward to seeing released?”

    Fuck no. The animation looks bad and the voice acting and writing is bad. There’s Sonic shorts that are way better then this garbage.

    I’d rather watch the fan film with Jaleel White voicing Sonic in it. Atleast that one looks promising and the guy behide it isn’t a complete nutjob.

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