Facebook was pitched a blue hedgehog

Twitter is synominous with its blue bird logo. Facebook was also pitched its very own blue animal mascot, sounding quite similar to Sonic. In 2005, former Facebook President Sean Parker pitched the idea of a blue hedgehog logo to site creator Mark Zuckenberg. It was his hope to draw business using the blue mascot. The idea was later scrapped.

Facebook has been quite innovative over the past few years, but a blue hedgehog logo sounds nowhere near original. Had the idea gone through, do you think Sega’s legal team would have intervened?

[Source: Los Angeles Times]

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  1. What would it have been named? Pokey the Hedgehog? Kinda creepy… nevermind. Anyway, SEGA would have been all up in that motha with their legal team… YEAH!

  2. If the embedded image is an early concept then the copyright infringement is immense. 🙂

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