Monster World creator considers fifth installment in a recent interview

A recent interview held by Italian gaming website with Wonder Boy/ Monster Land creator and developer Ryuchi Nishizawa shines some light on the origins of the original Wonder Boy in Monster Land, the Japanese exclusivity of Monster World IV and whether or not we will see a Monster World II Wonder Boy III Vintage collection in the future. Don’t be alarmed to see a screen of Italian when accessing the interview, dear Sega Addicts, juts scroll down the page for the English translation.

When asked about a potential Monster World V he commented that he has his sights set on the increasingly popular Kick Starter projects and may consider starting one of his own if enough interest is generated on his recently created Monster World Facebook page. I know you Sega Addicts were a little bummed to see the omission of Wonder Boy III from the Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World, but what about a Monster World V? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Right here!!! Wonderboy in Monsterworld was my first introduction to anything that even resembled an RPG. It’s by far the strongest in the series, and I play it every year, emulated now, on different platforms.

    I bought the game on as many platforms as I could, and paid for the vintage collection twice recently too, on xbox and ps3.

    (bought xbox first, then realised ps3 has more trophies. had to buy.)

    I don’t throw my money away on games, but literally, sir, if you choose to make another game in this series, you effectively have my wallet to plunder.

  2. @AlanWeird

    I’m quite surprised of the following that the Monster World series has, especially considering that Sega seemingly left the series to rot before this Vintage Collection came out.

    But what do you think about Monster World V being a current-generation, 3D adventure, if it were to be made? Would you not be concerned that the visual style of the 2D games would be lost as well as the gameplay?

    Again, people seem to love Wonder Boy in Monster World, I feel like I missed out on something as I seriously had issues enjoying that game.

  3. Way I’ve always seen it, no other company has ever had a franchise that could afford to be similar to the zelda games without looking like a complete ripoff/clone, but sega have never seemed to acknowledge that Monsterworld could not only be a candidate, but a competing franchise.

    I got monsterworld first. I was 5. It was 1991. So LTTP wasn’t released yet. I walked into a “what everyone wants” and they had loads for some reason. Priced cheaply in a day when videogames simply never went for that price. It was the first game I *truly* fell in love with.

    I went to the zelda franchise later on, with my gameboy, and was really reminded of Monsterworld.

    So from my perspective, sega could have a truly epic 3d, zelda-style action rpg on their hands. or they could go the other way, and have a gorgeous, HD, stylish continuation of the work they already made.

    It would make much more sense than the games they’ve been betting on in recent years.

    My problem is this. In Japan, many current developers look to the west, and they assume all that’ll sell are the hyper realistic FPS games and action games, and then release something utterly lacking charm in exactly the same vein. Western gamers look at it with either confusion or revulsion and it doesn’t sell. It’s like they have no concept of putting their own market in a slump. While gamers who hunger for an amazing cartoon or fantasy world platformer or rpg go hungry. It’s sad.

    The whole spirit of the wonderboy/monsterworld games were locked up in the chests you hunted for, the weapons and armour you saved for, the magic you could cast and the way you felt like you were playing a truly epic anime adventure to its end.

    I played an ocarina there first. I hunted for heart pieces there first. Everything that made zelda great, I feel I did in Monsterworld first.

    How sega are blind to see this, I cannot understand. They’re like Rare these days. Utterly ignorant to the franchises their fans would throw money at them for.

    I am no sega fanboy either. I’m a Nintendo diehard. I have some great memories of sega as the megadrive was my first console, and some standout games, but I’d have a Zelda game over pretty much anything normally… but with some fan help… I’d choose a new monsterworld over a new hd zelda with voice acting… traditional controls and everything else everyone from its next iteration.

    Nishizawa-san, please, let us play together in Monsterworld again.


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  5. ^TAKE IT ALL!!!

    Would be so psyched for this and would definitely shell out cash for a Kickstarter (and it would be my first time doing so). The games are a treasure, and I’d be happy if they tried to take it 3D or if they just stayed 2D, either way I’m sure it would be great. Fingers are still crossed Wonder Boy makes it into the upcoming Sonic Racing Transformed.

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