Streets of Rage Fan Remake is available for the PC!

It’s so satisfying when a long-awaited fan remake actually sees the light of day. With so much work put into their passion project, these indie developers at least deserve the chance to get their work seen by someone. Now, after a solid EIGHT YEARS of development, the SEGA loving public can finally get their brass knuckled hands on Bomber Games’ Streets of Rage Remake.

Boasting an impressive 19 character roster and 103 stages, this remake is built from the ground up, using remixed music and sound, new collision detection and damage modeling, new animations, and even brand spanking new cutscenes.

It’s always a genuine concern that a project like this could easily be forced to disappear within days of its release. These developers deserve some serious props, so if you are even marginally longing for the beat-em-ups of yore, now is the time to try this puppy out.

[Source: EDGE]



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  1. Downloading now, but it’s taking some time lol

  2. I wonder if this was the same fanmade SoR game I d/l a couple years back. It was pretty cool that it would update itself!
    Even better, it seemed to be around the time when progress was really moved forward. Not sure what has been added or fixed since then as I lost it in a drive crash, but maybe I’ll go back to it.
    The music was nice, too.

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