Sega releases Sonic Generations gameplay trailer and screenshots

Well, I’m officially hyped. So after a while of speculation and one awesome teaser trailer, Sega has delivered with official an official peek at the gameplay featured in the upcoming anniversary game. And oh my it looks fantastic. Classic Sonic apparently has the old school spin attack while modern Sonic can use his new school tricks like the homing attack.

Personally I am very hyped. It seems to combine the styles of the original game while sticking with the gameplay of Sonic Colours. I have no problem with this. So that’s my thoughts and news on the exciting trailer, hit the jump to view the official screenshots!


[Source: Destructoid]

Sure looks pretty! What do you think though? Will you be buying this, or not? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Oh my god, they actually did exactly what the fans wanted! SEGA has really been doing a good job rebuilding the Sonic franchise, kudos. This seriously looks awesome. I’ve wanted to play this kind of game the whole time – playing a level either in the traditional 2D perspective, or the behind-the-shoulder 3D perspective. While I liked Sonic 4, it did seem a bit rudimentary and less inspired, but this one looks much more polished and with a much better central gimmick. Can’t wait to see what else SEGA has in store with this one. Day and date for me!

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