Poll Results: What is the best 2D Sonic game?

Here are the results to our “Best 2D Sonic Game” poll. It’s no surprise to see Sonic 2 (Genesis) in the number one spot. In fact, all the Genesis Sonic games managed to take up the first four spots in the poll.

I’m surprised to see the Game Gear/Master System games so high on the list. They’re great games but I thought for sure there’s be some Rush/Advance fans voting the DS and GBA games up higher. Plus, Sonic Triple Trouble on the Game Gear is a great Sonic game and it didn’t get a single vote!

So, what do you think with your fellow humans’ opinions? Agree with the order of this list? Is it completely off? Should the Rivals series have taken first and second place?

Readers Comments (2)

  1. I really like Sonic Advance (1) but I wouldn’t pick it over Sonic 1, 2 or 3 on the Genesis. However, I would choose it instead of Sonic & Knuckles.

    I like Sonic Rush but the slow boss fights and overuse of QTE’s tempers my enjoyment somewhat.

  2. I actually voted for the Master System version of Sonic 1. Always liked the level designs of that one best because rather than having speed as the main draw the programmers had to think of it more as a straight platformer so there are many more creative sequences as a result. The jungle world is also unique to the Master System version, and in my mind that world is better than anything on the Genesis version. Fun poll.

    And you guys are so awesome for making an Alex Kidd poll. Please tell me this means you’ll be doing an Alex Kidd podcast soon, too!

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