Poll Results: What is the best Wonder Boy game?

The results are in and Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap wins by a huge margin! I know our polls have a huge following in the underground betting scene so if we have any winners reading this post we’d love to hear about the huge amount of money you just came into.

For those of us who feel that betting on internet polls is for the weak, what do you think of the results. Does The Dragon’s Trap deserve to be on top? (Yes) Is Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair on the Genesis really that bad that no one voted for it? Leave your thoughts in the comments and thus they shall be read.

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  1. I love Monster Lair…great music and kind of a nice hybrid between the fast, arcadey gameplay of the first game and the sword and medieval stuff of the later Master System games. The first game is probably the most famous, yet every other game other than Monster Lair moved away from that fast platforming formula that made the initial game so popular. In a way you could say it kind of inspired Sonic, since Mario was always more labored and calculated, but Wonder Boy was all about zipping through the levels, be it on a skateboard or bare feet!

  2. Any time Dragon’s Trap is mentioned, I happily remember one of my favourite tunes from the 8bit era; Side Crawler’s Dance

    Great game, great memories. I should hook my SMS up again and have another runthrough

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