Chronsega Episode 7 is out and you can watch it

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Sparkle’s chronological gaming blog. He originally started the project with his Chrontendo video series, which, is attempting to highlight every game ever released for Nintendo’s 8-bit console in chronological order. He recently released the 44th episode in that series and still has a ways to go.

Even more exciting though is his Chronsega series, which, is doing the same thing only with the Master System. It goes without saying that this series won’t take as many episodes to get to the end but it’s still full of some great information for Sega fans. Just this week, he released the 7th episode in the series, which makes it through the last game to be officially released in Japan. It’s not the end of the series though as many games were still released in the West for years to come.